Baden action plan in favour of a good urban climate and more biodiversity

Persistent heat, increasing extreme events such as heavy precipitation and drought as well as the progressive loss of biodiversity pose major challenges for cities, municipalities and urban centres. The city of Baden is also affected by the climate changes and wants to use climate adaptation as an opportunity to increase the quality of life for the population, employees and visitors in the future.

In collaboration with sa_partners, a pioneering action plan is being developed as a strategic and implementation-orientated instrument for dealing with climate change. Spatial measures such as maintaining cold air circulation, preventing urban heating, relieving overheated areas and absorbing heavy rainfall are planned.

Baden Nord action mapping Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari sapartners
Action mapping - key spatial measures

In addition to the localisation of context-related key measures at a spatial level, the action plan also attaches great importance to identifying interfaces within the municipal administration and authorities. The focus is on synergies between cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary topics and disciplines, whereby the potential for enriching current planning and instruments is particularly emphasised.

There are many synergies between climate adaptation and the city's administration departments. The urban climate is to be understood as a cross-sectional task. From planning and buildings to water management, mobility and infrastructure - there are opportunities to positively influence the urban climate at every level.

sapartners Baden Nord climate action plan sapartners Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari urban planning design
Multi-layered climate analysis - biodiversity & extreme events, social vulnerability, urban climate & large-scale landscape structures, urban fabric

The "12 rules for a good urban climate" manual published by sa_partners sets out principles and simple rules on how cities and municipalities can make themselves future-proof in terms of the urban climate. The actions relating to greening, open spaces, development and unsealing are particularly effective. For the city of Baden, these rules have been elaborated in context-specific detail, spatially localised and prioritised according to the need for action.

Unsealing and greening, building construction and water stadtklima urban climate sapartners Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari$
Unsealing and greening, building construction and water

The holistic approach results in a concise action plan that includes not only spatial but also procedural steps. This not only establishes a new practice for the city of Baden, but also creates a pioneering model for other cities and municipalities facing the same challenges.