2023 National Award

sa_partners is the winner of the 2023 National Architecture Award in Azerbaijan for best project in the category of "Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing”.

We are delighted to receive this award which recognizes our ongoing efforts to develop liveable cities in Post-Soviet countries and the Middle East over the past few years.

COP 28 Dubai

Our founding partner Dunja Kovari was panelist at the official #postcrisis side-event at COP 28 on "Urban Revival: Green recovery after crisis".

cop28 sapartners Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari urban design urban climate

«12 Steps to a City of People» receives GA Award in Toronto

We received the ISCOARP GA Award for «Book of the Year 2023», at the 59th ISOCARP World Planning Congress.

City of People Isocarp GAA Gerd Albers Award sapartners Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari

UN-Habitat World Habitat Day

We are proud to be invited by UN-Habitat to participate in the World Habitat Day, as the start of the 'Urban October’, held in Baku.

Thomas Kovari UN-Habitat Executive Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif World Habitat Day sapartners dunja kovari 2

Interview with Radio SRF1 about urban climate

Dunja Kovari was interviewed by the national Radio SRF1 and talked about our commitment to the urban climate.

We were pleased to share our expertise on urban climate with the audience as part of the scientific contribution to the latest eawag study.

Climate Activation Plan for the City of Baden

sa_p is awarded the contract for the development of the action plan for a good urban climate and more biodiversity.

Baden Nord Climate action sapartners urban climate Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari

Keynote speech at the Climate Adaption Symposium of the City of Zurich

Dunja Kovari spoke at the symposium "Heat Reduction on Buildings" on the topic of urban climate as a cross-cutting issue as part of the City of Zurich's Cool Down Initiative.

Guest lecture at the Lucerne University of Sciences and Arts

What opportunities does the transformation of space and society offer and what demands does it place on future planning? Dunja Kovari discussed this question with around 40 interested architecture students using the example of current plans and projects in Germany and abroad.

Interview with VPRO

sa_partners was interviewed by the Dutch public TV channel VPRO about its international projects in the field of urban development in the Eurasian region which apply a strong focus on sustainable development and post-soviet urban transformation.

12 steps to a City of People: A guide to the livable city of tomorrow

In its new publication, which was published in February, sa_partners argues for an urban development that consistently puts people at the centre.

City of people sapartners Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari

Climate Envoy to the City Council of Zurich

Dunja Kovari-Binggeli was elected to the City Council of Zurich to promote a good urban climate and ensure green and liveable city development.

She advises the City Council on strategic planning and complex projects relating to the urban climate and sustainable and green urban development.

Green City Master Plans approved

Two Green City Master Plans by sa_partners were approved in Azerbaijan, as a step towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SgD Un Habitat Dunja Kovari Thomas Kovari sapartners

Sponge City Expertise

As part of a national task force on nature-based solutions sa_partners brings in the Agency's international expertise on strategic Sponge City concepts in a pilotproject conducted by the National Agency for Waterwastemanagement.

UN-Habitat National Urban Forum

Dunja Kovari was keynote speaker at this year's UN-Habitat National Urban Forum in Baku, which took place on October 5-6, 2022. Her contribution focused on carbon-neutral approaches for more inclusive, resilient, smart and sustainable urbanization using the example of international urban development projects by sa_partners.

sa_p updates associate group

Following the growth of the agency in Zurich, Angela Wiest was appointed to senior associate. Angela joined the team in 2016 and rapidly developed extensive urban planning skills. As sa_p’s youngest cadre member, she was trained at ETH Zurich and brings a diverse background from urban policy to architecture. She strengthens the company's multidisciplinary profile and fosters the development of sa_p's future strategy

UN-Habitat World Urban Forum

It‘s time for action! As part of the UN-Habitat World Urban Forum #WUF11 our city laboratory on the ecological transformation is presented in Katowice, Poland. We could not be prouder that Swiss innovation is shared with top representatives of national governments, NGOs as well as multinational companies and academics

Maintenant, aussi en français !

Notre documentation sur le climat urbain est désormais également disponible en français! L’intérêt suscité par la publication de « 12 Regeln für ein gutes Stadtklima » en Suisse allemande nous a encouragé à publier une nouvelle version de la brochure en français et à élargir notre champ d’action à la Suisse romande

Future Lab - Urban Innovations for rural areas

In collaboration with various representatives of the Federal Office for Spatial Development, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, the Paul Scherrer Institute, Avenir Suisse and the University of Zurich, sa_partners conducted a Future Lab as part of the federal government's model project for digital transformation in rural areas. The ideas from the Future Lab form the foundation for the digitalization strategy of the peripherally located region around Bad Zurzach

Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects - Symposium

Dunja Kovari is a keynote speaker and panelist at the Low Tech - No Tech symposium on Nov 18 2021, organized by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, Switzerland's leading professional association for construction, technology and environment > to the event

Life Science Campus - Basel

sa_p has been awarded the contract for the development of a Life Science Campus in Basel. In an exclusive location, an ecologically oriented master plan is to be created that will create the conditions for an dynamic and mixed-used development.

Qatar - Territorial Eco-Masterplan

As a member of an international team, sa_p is appointed by the State of Qatar to develop a regional eco-master plan for specific districts of the emirate. The team is asked to develop strategies and proposals for action for sustainable urban and landscape development.


As part of the exchange of experience between 'EspaceSuisse' and the 'Swiss Cities Association, Dunja Kovari gave an keynote speech on the topic of "Urban climate as cross-cutting task"

-> Information

Neighbourhood 7 - Saint Petersburg, Russia

sa_p and Karres en Brands (NL) develop the Neighbourhood 7 model quarter in the Leningradskaya region

Porta del Ticino - Urban Living Lab, 1st Prize

sa_p wins together with TAMassociati (Venice), Studio Giorgetta (Milan) and Golder (Toronto) the competitive procedure for the transformation of the central industrial area into an ecology oriented innovation district !

> see video

High-rise Concept City of Winterthur

sa_p is commissioned to develop the citywide high-rise concept for the fast growing city of Winterthur. This involves the elaboration of strategic frameworks, quality guidlines and the Municipal General Plan for Switzerland's #5 largest town.

Interview Swiss Chamber of Architects and Engineers

Dunja Kovari gives an interview to the urgent topic of "Climate Adaptation" for the Swiss Chamber of Engineers and Architects in the run-up to the congress "Low-Tech / No-Tech"

Urban Focus: Climate

Dunja Kovari is giving a speech to "Climate Adaptive Urban Development" at the ARCHITECTURE FORUM WINTERTHUR.

Wintercity Conference Baikal, Russia

Thomas Kovari is giving a keynote speech at the WinterCity Baikal Conference in Russia that takes place within the international membership program of the WinterCity Association. The main topic was climate change and the new challenges facing cities and entire regions.

City of Karlsruhe [GER]

Our high-rise concept for Karlsruhe has been approved unanimously by the city council. It has been developed by sa_partners in a two-year long participative process.

Sustainable Federal Pilot Schemes

The Federal pilot schemes supports innovations in urban planning. sa_partners bid for two projects on Digitalization and Intergral development strategies was accepted for the 2020-2024 funding period!

The Future of Cities, Belgrade

sa_p takes part in the international e-Future of Cities Conference ISOCARP in Belgrade with a keynote lecture on the post-digital city

sa_p HOSTS PlanSalon #7

At 12 th september sa_p opened her spacelab, to share - and more importantly develop further - their research around digitalisation, connectivity as well as social and climate change - "Between Digitalization and Omline". Up to sixty representatives from the public administration and the industry joined the event.

Campus Design National Technical University Irkutsk [RUS]

Thomas Kovari is a member of the international panel of experts for the positioning and redesign of the National Technical University (ISTU), an educational campus with 30'000 students and researchers in the university town

Citywide High-rise Concept for the City of Karlsruhe [GER]

sa_partners is appointed to develop a citywide high-rise concept for City of Karlsruhe [GER]

Transformation of Railway Area in the City Center of Lausanne

Commission for a study to transform a railway site into a mixed-use development in the city-center of the Lausanne, Switzerland

Development Standard for Urban Development in Russia

sa_partners is appointed to contribute to the development of new system of urban planning standards for the Russian Federation.

Citywide High-rise Concept Karlsruhe [GER]

sa_partners is appointed to develop a citywide high-rise concept for City of Karlsruhe (GER)

Swiss Radio & Television

sa_p von air for the Riverside Grossacher by Swiss National Broadcaster (Link)