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sa_partners is an international urban design and planning agency led by Thomas Kovári und Dunja Kovári-Binggeli based in Zurich. As leading experts in urban transformation, the office has developed a large number of award winning projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Through continuous research and innovative approaches, the agency has carried out international work based on an ethos of sustainability and inclusion for an increasingly people-oriented transformation of our cities.

Applied research is part of sa_partners‘ DNA. Our think tank Spacelab, founded in 2019, generates projects and publications with focus on transformation of climate, space and society within national research programmes and in collaboration with internationally renowned institutions.


Dunja Kovári-Binggeli

Dunja Kovári-Binggeli

Founding Partner

Studies in urban and territorial planning, TU Berlin and Vienna. Prize winner of prestigious Erwin-Stephan-Prize. Leader of national and international projects and research programes on interdisciplinary collaboration and urban innovations. Author of the internationally released publications „12 steps to a City of People“ and „12 rules for a good urban climate“. Climate envoy to the government of the City of Zurich.

Key competences: Integrated urban and territorial planning; strategic urban consultancy; applied research and urban innovations. Special

interests: Climate resilient and human-centred development.

+41 44 515 25 20

Dr. sc. Thomas Kovári

Dr. sc. Thomas Kovári

Founding Partner

Architectural studies leading to a Dipl. Arch. ETH, membership of SIA and doctorate in sciences, Dr. sc. ETH Zurich. Dissertation, research and teaching at the chair of Architecture and Urban Design ETH Zurich, Prof. Kees Christiaanse. Prize winner of national and international urban design & planning competitions. Planning and implementation of complex, large scale developments.

Key competences: Urban regeneration and transformation; urban branding and revitalisation; masterplanning, urban design and architecture.

Special interests: Liveable and mixed-use development.

+41 44 515 25 20

Design Team

Dominique Erdin

Associate City- & Regional Development

Angela Wiest

Senior Associate Urban Design & Planning

Beat Lattmann

B.Sc. FHO Spatial Planner

Ipek Kahraman

M.Sc. TU Delft Urban Design

Sarah Mettan

M.Sc. ETH Spatial Development & Infrastructure Systems

Joel Bernet

B.Sc. FHO Spatial Planner

Andrei Jugarean

M.Sc. HCU Architektur

Claudia Kleffmann

M.Sc. Columbia University Architecture & Urban Design

Aleksandra Scheifele

Dipl. Ing. TU Sarajevo

Nik Vögeli

Dipl. Ing. HTL Spatial Planner

Anic Hollinger

B.Sc. ETH Zurich Architecture

Sonja Klaus

Administration & Design Economy

Former Staff

Philipp Mohr, Simon Kretz, Benno Agreiter, Anca Ungureanu, Jürg Bachofen, Christian Schubarth, Cristina da Silva, Jasmine Kastani, Beatrice Luna, Andreas Rupf, Christian Zäch, Kristina Strecker, Victoria Nuyaksheva, Ana Nestrova, Vesna Ilic, Harry Leuter, Esther Frey, Elisa Brusa, Melania Marino, Saide Köppel, Lea von Moos, Stefan Girsberger, Sonja Klaus


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