Future-oriented mobility strategy

What will mobility look like in the future? How will the street space be shaped as part of the public space? And what importance will be attached to spatially and temporally flexible solutions in the future? For the regional centre of Muri in the canton of Aargau, sa_partners developed a future-oriented mobility strategy as an integral part of the overall spatial development in line with the principle of the 15-minute municipality. In addition to anticipating current and future trends, the focus was on understanding mobility as a multi-layered complex of topics in the field of tension between different disciplines and the resulting diverse needs and traffic, social, design and urban climate requirements for the street space.

The mobility strategy was developed in a broad participatory process involving a wide range of stakeholders in three workshops. In parallel, the school and youth parliament of the municipality of Muri was involved as a pilot and solutions for the mobility of tomorrow were outlined.