Porta del Ticino - Urban Living Lab, Bellinzona – Study for the transformation of a downtown industrial area into a mixed-use eco-district for housing, education and culture

An international team that includes sa_partners, TAMassociati, Studio Franco Giorgietta and Golder has won the major masterplan competition Officine Bellinzona, an urban-scale redevelopment project at the heart of Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino.

The proposal 'Porta del Ticino' interprets the industrial legacy of the site while reanimating it with contemporary programs centred on an ethos of sustainability. The scheme rethinks a large railway factory that has engaged a central area for more than a century. It integrates the enclosed urban realm, reconnecting surrounding neighbourhoods with a vibrant mixed-use district rooted in the principles of inclusivity, biodiversity, resilience, connectivity and livability. Built around a new Central Park that serves as the green heart of the development, Porta del Ticino celebrates its layered histories while offering shared environments for living, culture, education and leisure that unite a diverse community of residents, students, office workers and visitors.

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