City Square Yverdon-les-Bains – Study for concept of urban climate, public space and traffic

The town square in Yverdon is largely used as a car park and cannot fulfil its role as a central town square and meeting place. As part of a study commission, solutions for the redesign of the town square were to be determined, taking into account public space, urban climate, urban development and traffic. sa_partners, together with the landscape architecture firm ILEX paysage, developed an urban development vision for the restructuring of the square and the adjacent railway area. At the centre of this vision is the creation of a generous and lively town square by means of underground parking and a striking perimeter development. Emphasising the centre of the square with an urban axis creates an attractive connection between the future northern development area of Gare-Lac, the railway station and the old town of Yverdon. Urban densification around the railway station in the south completes the Waffenplatz and embeds it in the new urban fabric of Yverdon.