High-rise development as an opportunity for urban transformation and affordable housing

Against the backdrop of the shortage of space and the demand for substantial densification and transformation projects, the debate about high-rise buildings is becoming more relevant than ever.

In the context of studies and concepts, we have been dealing with development in the third dimension for a long time. Our work shows: If properly conceived, high-rise development can make an important contribution to the sustainable and future-oriented development and transformation of our cities and, in addition to structural densification, can also promote green space development within the city. Last but not least, height development can also generate new solutions for the major challenges of the 21st century and contribute to a better urban climate and affordable housing for all.

Our high-rise concepts are designed as strategic planning tools and working aids to make the increasing growth attractive and sustainable also in the third dimension, taking into account different aspects such as architecture & building culture, urban climate & ecology, land use, as well as mobility. They serve as an important decision-making basis for future development and make a valuable contribution to the quality assurance of concrete projects.

High-rise concept - City of Karlsruhe
High-rise concept - Winterthur

Karlsruhe High-Rise Concept [GER]

Winterthur High-Rise Concept