Masterplan Krasnoyarsk [RU] – New Life in the Rust Belt

sa_partners participates in the elaboration of the masterplan of Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia, and brings its expertise at the interface between urban design and planning to a series of international planning workshops. Taking into account general development trends such as digital transformation, societal change and climate change, the possibilities of transforming an urban environment of low quality into a livable and future-proof city are discussed, unleashing its high potential on a global scale.

As the city will undergo a profound transformation in the coming decades, the main challenges are to address major ecological problems, abandoned industrial areas, and an inadequate transportation system. The most important developments focus on creating new life in the Rust Belt, which will become a driver for improving the quality of the urban environment and the emergence of vibrant locations in the city. The implementation of the 15-Minute City will create the best conditions for commercial activities in public spaces, which will directly affect the development of the local economy. Bringing nature back to the city will improve air and water quality through filtration in green spaces and increase green spaces for citizens.