The importance of new lifestyles and models – Housing of tomorrow

Whether digital creative, neo-Biedermeier or forever youngster: With the change from biography to multigraphy, we are dealing with strongly differentiated life models and lifestyles in rural areas as well. The flexibilisation of work and leisure, the supplementation of classic family structures, the digitalisation and individualisation of everyday life are producing new everyday realities. Community life, on the other hand, is a counter-trend to individualisation and globalisation and an important expression of place attachment.

Based on the socio-scientific concept of the Sinus-Milieus® and the latest lifestyle research, we develop future-oriented demand profiles for the inhabitants of a progressive province. The international pilot study is developed in cooperation with the Fricktal region, the canton of Aargau an the Planungsverband Hochrhein-Bodensee in Germany. We anticipate the economic development and socio-cultural change of the region and derive profile-specific demands on living form, living environment and downstream residential uses. Thanks to the international partnership and the participation of more than 30 municipalities, we are able to demonstrate what future viability for the housing development means for municipalities also beyond national boarders.