Rheinfelden Strategic Masterplan – Spatial framework to guide the transformation of the city of Rheinfelden, winner of the Wakker prize 2016

As the winner of an ideas competition, sa_partners was awarded the contract to develop an overall spatial vision for the town of Rheinfelden. The spatial development concept shows the desired spatial development and forms an important basis for the positioning of Rheinfelden in the catchment area of the Basel agglomeration. The concept builds on the existing, reinterprets and further develops the place under the premise of authenticity and completely in the tradition of the Wakker Prize.

The spatial development concept also attaches great importance to the urban climate as an integral component of sustainable and resource-saving urban planning at the strategic conceptual level. The promotion of a good urban climate is understood as a cross-sectional task that runs through the development concept as a common thread. Accordingly, the focus is on the coordination of spatial and climate urban development and planning.