Publication «12 Steps to a City of People» – Research publication for a liveable city

What makes a city liveable? And above all: how do you make a city liveable? Our latest publication is a plaidoyer for a city that puts people at the centre. It is both a vision and a guide to action for shaping vibrant cities and villages in the 21st century and is aimed at people in political, governmental and private sector responsibility in the field of urban development. The publication was awarded the prestigious ISCOARP Gerd Albers Award for «Book of the Year 2023»

«City of People» is geared to the diversity, multigraphies and ever-changing needs of its users and begins where traditional spatial development reaches its limits. «City of People» is also Flexible City, Fitness City, E-Bike City and 15-Minute City and is agile, adaptable and resilient thanks to small-scale structures.

As in our publication «12 Rules for a Good Urban Climate» published in 2020, «12 Steps to a City of People» is also a collaborative work. The publication was developed in interviews with leading experts from administration, politics, business, academia and executive bodies. We would like to sincerely thank all the contributors for their many great thoughts and ideas.

Contributors to the publication «12 Steps to a City of People».

The following specialists supported the project through expert interviews and statements: Beatrice Aebi, Head of Urban Planning, City of Wil; Prof. Dr. Kay W. Axhausen, Head of Institute, ETH Zurich; Vicente Carabias, Head of Smart City Specialist Office, City of Winterthur; Martin Flüger, Director, Swiss Association of Cities; Simone Gianini, Deputy Mayor, Bellinzona; Balz Halter, Owner and Chairman of the Board, Halter AG; Prof. Gunnar Heipp, Head of Institute IRAP Ostschweizer Fachhochschulen; René Hutter, Cantonal Planner Zug; Damian Jerjen, Director EspaceSuisse; Dr. Daniel Kolb, Head of Department Spatial Development Canton Aargau; Dr. Norbert Kräuchi, Head of Department Landscape and Waters Canton Aargau; Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler, Director Center for Democracy Aarau; Dr. Maria Lezzi, Director Federal Office for Spatial Development; Marco Mettler, Head of Department Open Space and Participation Pro Juventute Switzerland; Lukas Ott, Head Cantonal and Urban Development Basel City; Simone Rangosch, Director Civil Engineering Office City of Zurich; Anna Schindler, Director Urban Development City of Zurich; Monika Suter, Cantonal Planner Bern; Ariane Widmer Pham, Cantonal Planner Geneva; Sonja Wollkopf Walt, Managing Director Greater Zurich Area AG.