Transformation Oberi Au Klingnau

The Oberi Au area is centrally located in Klingnau, adjacent to the old town and the Klingnau reservoir and within walking distance of both Klingnau and Döttingen railway stations. Due to the recent expansion of public transport, the accessibility and attractiveness of Klingnau has significantly increased. But despite the good quality of its location, the Oberi Au area remained underused, unattractive and mainly used for commercial or industrial purposes. Both the City of Klingnau and HIAG as the main owner intend to increase the value of the good location factors in the future and to use and develop the area in a way that is appropriate for the location.

The potential and feasibility study identifies an integrated overall solution for an attractive, well-connected area, taking into account urban development, implementation of attractive inner and residential area development, land-use and open space. The overall aim is to increase the value of the location while enhancing the existing qualities and creating new ones.